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As of February 1, 2021, Break Free 603 is under new ownership and we are going through some pretty significant changes. We currently have five (5) escape game rooms (The DaVinci Heist, The Skull, Pandemic, Cursed, and Trapped). Click “Our Games” in the main menu to learn more.

Effective March 2022 we now have a brand new Grand Lobby on the main floor in the front of the building. All guests should park in the front parking lot and enter our main entrance. Our new Grand Lobby and retail store offers a unique selection of tabletop escape games, murder mystery games, brain teaser puzzles, and more.

We now offer weekly tabletop game nights in our Grand Lobby as well as private parties, birthdays, team building exercises, and many snacks and drinks to keep you happy for hours!

coming later this year, we are adding two brand new escape game rooms with a unique twist upstairs. These new games will be unlike any escape room you’ve played before. We’re trying something a little new, adding a layer of problem solving never really attempted in an escape room before (as far as we know).

Also coming in time for Halloween, a new escape game room for Nightmare Escapes downstairs, as well as a unique twist on the entire Nightmare Escapes experience so past visitors will experience this unique escape game attraction with fresh eyes. 

we love what we do and it makes us so happy when our customers love what we do. You drive us constantly to do better and offer more and more unique escape experiences. 

Thank you!