The da Vinci Room

The da Vinci Escape Room Front

Your Art History professor has invited a group of his students to his office. He has a special fondness for da Vinci and puzzles. Find his clues and solve his puzzles to get extra credit in his course which you need to pass and graduate.

2 to 6 people

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The Last Will of Uncle Joe

Last Will of Uncle Joe Room

Your Uncle Joe left his small hometown when he was 18 and was rarely heard from except for post cards from far off lands during his many trips for his import company. Uncle Joe recently passed. His lawyer contacted you and your cousins to come to his house for the reading of his will. Solve the puzzles in Uncle Joe’s study within the hour to prove you are worthy to inherit his business and his bite coin investment.

2 to 8 people

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Patient Zero

Patient Zero

There has been an outbreak of a new fast moving disease. Your team must identify the disease, find Patient Zero, and come up with a cure before it is too late.

2 to 10 people

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