Escape Room Adventures

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Patient Zero — Our New Room is Now Open!

There has been an outbreak of a new fast moving disease. Your team must identify the disease, find Patient Zero, and come up with a cure before it is too late.

Great for 2 to 10 people

Find The Clues – Solve The Puzzles – Escape The Room

We offer escape rooms to challenge and entertain our guests.
Try a fun and immersive game with your friends. You will be ‘locked in’ a themed room where your only escape depends on working together to Find The Hidden Clues. Use your wits to Solve The Puzzles to unlock locks and finally, Escape The Room before your 60 minutes run out!

Can You Escape In Time?

Escape games make a great girls/guys night out, date night, family outing, office outing, birthday party, etc.